Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Recipe Road Test: The Banana Bread edition

My kids LOVE banana bread. Don't love or even like the fruit in its natural state, but mush them and add eggs, flour, sugar etc and they cant get enough.

When I was hungrily doing the grocery shop on the weekend (never a good idea to shop when you are hungry!), I noticed that Donna Hay had a new packet mix. I tend to not go for the packet mixes too often as I usually have everything in the cupboard anyway, but this was a spelt banana bread without a lot of the nasties in the mix, so thought I'd give it a try.

.Its not a complete mix. You still have to add eggs, the mushed banana and the oil. It was really easy to do, but in my oven took a little more time to bake than it mentioned on the pack. No biggie though - ovens can be tricky at times.

It came out very well (love the smell of cakes cooking!).

It passed the taste test, and now my boys have had thick slices toasted for breakfast for the last couple of mornings.

Yum and a success in my book. Give it a will look like a gourmet cake baker!

S x

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