Monday, August 1, 2016

Oh well hello there Monday, fancy seeing you again!

Is it just me? Or is it you too? Have we officially entered the end-of-year-acceleration zone? You know the one...the one where one minute it's almost the end of July and then suddenly you are opening invites to Christmas Parties and trying to juggle school concerts, work lunches and general silly season cupboard stocking.

So in that general vibe, oh hi there August, gosh, it's you again :)

Monday is upon us and that means meal planning. The plan has a slightly slippy feeling this week....I kind of have a handle on everything up until about Thursday afternoon, and then it's getting a bit "lets just roll with it" - fingers crossed everyone gets fed come Saturday!

Monday: Chicken wings with a crunchy side salad

Tuesday: Made-your-own Omelette

Wednesday: Roast Chicken with baby potatoes & broccolini

Thursday: Top-your-own Pizza ( i think......)


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