Monday, August 15, 2016

Meal Planning Monday - The We Need More Food edition

One of the comments that I get (alot) when people learn I have three sons is "Wowzers, how are the food bills?" or the other perenial favourite "jeez, teenage boys can e.a.t, can't they?"

Up until now, I would nod, knowing that we weren't really "there" yet, and smile politely saying "Oh you know, it's not that bad" or " well, they like pasta, and milk, but, yeah, it's not that bad..."

That was up until now.

The 15 year old's consumption has kicked in, and not to left behind, the 13 year old is starting to stretch his wings.

We are going through almost 12 litres of milk a week. 12.
Loaves of bread are sitting between 3 and 4.
We have graduated to the LARGE box of Weetbix.
And I make sure there is always cooked rice in the fridge.

And that is just with the Eldest hitting his stride.....I shudder to think when all three are up and running. It is fair to say that the age of the Appetite has commenced.

To keep the wolves from the door, this is what this week is looking like:

Monday: Dinner Ladies Butter Chicken with Rice

Tuesday: Pasta (and lots of it!)

Wednesday: Slow cooker Brown Sugar Chicken with crunchy salad & cucumber

Thursday: Top your own pizza

Friday: Good luck kids, Mum & Dad are away for the weekend!!

Wednesday night I am trying a new recipe, so I'll report back on that soon (how yummy does it look!) and Monday & Thursday are thanks to The Dinner Ladies.
(Dinner Ladies -  I am in love!)

 Have a great week Peeps!

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