Tuesday, August 2, 2016

He's a What? (Part II)

Welcome to "He's a What (Part II)" - you may be familiar with Part I  - so yes, to recap, my name is Emma, I have three sons, and yes, my Husband is a vegetarian.

And before you ask, no, that isn't as tricky as it sounds.....in fact, it barely causes a ruffle (well...maybe only when you are invited to someone house for the first time and ever so occasionally, have the "hey quick heads up, he's a vegetarian.......oh, no, he doesn't eat chicken....um no, not fish either......just veggies, as in, you know 'vegetarian' " conversation.)

Anyway....back to the main point, did you know this week is Meat-Free-Week (in Australia)?

If you are keen to take part, there are some great ideas here or even here. We end up with the kids having two to three meat free dinners a week and I am probably at about 4 to 5....and Hubs, well, he's round the clock with that vibe. Enjoy! xE

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