Friday, August 12, 2016

Fun time Friday

Social media. GAH! Sometimes the connectivity of my eldest son drives me mad! We recently spent 4 weeks travelling through parts of Australia, and having zero mobile phone reception was a god send. The teenager was a bit grumpy at first, but both kids handled it really well.

So this brings me to Snapchat. For a laugh, my friend and I have downloaded it to send really silly pictures and videos to each other. The initial response from the teen was (skeptical voice) "YOU'VE got snapchat?" I assured him that it wasn't to stalk his friends, its just for some mummy fun.

Its actually a really good time waster. I had fun in the car the other night while I was waiting for son #2 to finish his class.

So here are some really silly photos of us. Just to have a good giggle on a Friday. Give it a go!!

S x

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