Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's fab drink finds!

Oh..its all about the alliteration this week!

Last  week I was reading an article on Champagne Cartel that listed 5 great sparkling wines under $10. You can read it here.  Being a lover of the sparkly stuff, I thought I'd try and make my way through the list to find a good el'cheapo for the Christmas rounds. Not the stuff you'd take to a good friends, but for when the neighbors pop over or the like.

I bought the Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay Pinot at my local Dan Murphys for around the $7 mark. Hubby and I carefully cracked it.

Insert drumroll...

Thumbs up from us! It was really lovely for a cheap quaff. Not too dry and not to fruity. Just as the lovely Champagne Dame said!

I cant wait now for the sun to get warmer so I can sit around in my friend's lovely garden, or around by my pool and sip on this yummy bubbly!

S x

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