Friday, August 19, 2016

A sporting we shall go

Oh sport - sport sport sport - I have had no option but to learn to love you in all your synthetic fabric and muddied knee goodness.

With three sons, I have lost count of the number of hours spent freezing on the sidelines (including standing in the rain,  hung-over after my Fortieth celebrations, as eldest son was playing in a rep comp on the same weekend).  Rugby, Soccer and AFL, Cricket and Fustal, Basketball and Swimming. We have done it all, and often, between the three, all the same time.

This year though, the shrill of whistles and baying of buzzers has been more common as the eldest two have taken to Basketball with great gusto.

Weekdays are busy, and Friday nights rounded out with Basketball. The closing days of winter are welcoming the pointy end of the rugby season and the littlest is swimming hard, with his eye on the next squad.

But busy boys are happy boys, and busy boys are healthy boys.

Happy Friday peeps, may your weekend be sunny, and your sports fields forgiving.


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