Friday, July 15, 2016


Very soon we are heading off for a two week trip into the great Australian outback! We did a fab trip 2 years ago that took us from Sydney, as far north as Longreach then as far inland as Uluru, then down to the Flinders ranges and back home to Sydney. Many many KM's  traveled on that trip and lots of great experiences. We did a mix of camping and staying in motels/hotels along the way. The kids loved nothing more than sitting about the large fire gazing at the stars and sleeping by the fire in their swags.

Hubby has been busy planning our next trip, and this time we are doing more of the camping and less of the hotel/motel thing. Read MOSTLY camping. I am better equipped this time with a great inflatable mattress and a fleece lined sleeping bag. Last time was a bit princess and the pea sometimes on my thin foam mattress!

Another part of the planning has been getting our meals together. As we wont have as many opportunities to dine in cafes or restaurants, or even stock up in a supermarket, we have had to start pre-preparing our menu and our meals. For 25 DAYS!!!!

I made up a bit of a menu plan, thinking about recipes that we can cook ahead. I am so thankful for my food vacuum sealing machine - it  has made storing everything in our freezer much easier. Things like spag bol and curry are easy as they lie flat, but I have also cooked a lamb roast!! Everything will just need to be re-heated at our campsite!!

So below is where I  am at with my menu, and with my freezer storage! Will let you know how I go!


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