Friday, July 1, 2016

Boy and his cat

I am a cat lover. I love puppies too but have always had a cat.

My last cat was a gentle giant. I just loved him and was so sad when he went to kitty heaven and the ripe old age of 17. He was a great cat to have around little kids as my boys would literally use him as a pillow and he would just put up with it. When he had had enough, he would go and hide.

Our current cat is a little feistier! I am so glad we have her now and not before as my fellas would have been covered in bites and scratches. She can be a bit temperamental (cant we all) but loves to sit on laps.

Boy#1 has taken her on as his own. He just loves her. Loves having her on his bed (she sleeps on his chest), loves patting her, loves the cuddles. Such a cat boy deep at heart.

I just love that he can be so gentle with her, especially knowing that she can turn in an instant. Boy#2 has not learnt that lesson yet. Probably why the cat is NOT allowed in his room!

I love the idea of a pet, and letting the kids have the responsibility of looking after them. Teaches them how to care for other living creatures!

Do you have a pet?


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