Friday, June 3, 2016

Easy fancy lunch

I am not one to fancy up my kids lunch boxes with sandwich faces and other things like this. Saying that, lately I am trying to limit the amount of wheat boy # 2 eats due to some tummy issues. Trying to stop the bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have avoided things like sushi and rice paper rolls for ages due to me thinking that they were just too hard.

But NO!! For some reason I decided to make some sushi. And oh how easy peasy it is!

Just bought some of the seaweed wrappers from the supermarket as well as a sushi seasoning. Cooked up some brown rice then when cooked stirred through some of the seasoning. Then just followed the instructions on the pack! I used smoked salmon and cucumber one day, then another some leftover chicken thinly sliced with red capsicum and celery. Hey presto - easy, as well as healthy lunch. I also bought some little fishy shaped sing serve soy sauce containers to pop in the lunch box.

Another winner!!!


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