Friday, June 10, 2016

Birthday Love

Please excuse us a small break in our Slow Cooker Shredded Beef week, for a touch of sparkly fun.

This week in June is always a busy one around these parts - my birthday yesterday, and my gorgeous, nutty, creative, loyal, fierce middle son celebrates tomorrow. In another wonderful quirk of blended families, my beautiful step-sister, with whom I share a name, also celebrated her birthday yesterday (spooky I know, right? but now so much a part of our "story" that I can't imagine it any other way).

With the Middle Son reaching the land mark of 13, and the littlest of my men turning 10 in October, we are moving away from the brightly coloured cakes of years gone by, and have moved into a more traditional "cake" type of cake - stacked and layered, covered with icing, sandwiched with jam, these confectionary delights stand tall on their cake stand, proud of their sprinkles and sparklers.

Nothing says Happy Birthday quite like a cake, don't you agree?

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