Thursday, May 5, 2016

Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner

I made a decision on the weekend to go through some more of my cookbooks and use different recipes from them. I have a great Womens Weekly slow cooker cook book that I currently use for one ONE recipe (a great slow cooker lamb curry). Now that the weather is starting to turn a tad colder I thought it was high time I got the slow cooker out, so this book was the first on my pile.

When I use the slow cooker I just want to chuck all the ingredients in, then turn it on to do its stuff. None of this browning nonsense. I usually get it all ready the night before so in the morning I just pop the bowl into the cooker and turn it on. I love coming home to the lovely smells of dinner wafting through the house without me having had to do much at all!.

The two new recipes that I found ticked that box. First was a Moroccan lamb tagine recipe with green olives and harissa and the other was a Chinese chicken hot pot. I did the chicken recipe just the other day, and boy was it a success. And sooooo easy. Such yummy flavour, a tasty broth and the goodness of chicken and veg. One thing to note, if you dont have Chinese cooking wine just substitute with sherry!

Thumbs up from the whole family - I highly recommend you give it a go! It served 5 of us (my mum was over) plus some extra for lunches or a dinner for two.

S x

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