Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When dinner is not well received....

This is a picture of a recent dinner that, ummm, let's say just didn't go that well.

Do you have a dish that you really enjoy and find super simple to whip up, but that your family just don't, no way, nuh ugh, never ever feel the same way? Risotto is that dish for me.

I mean, really.....warm, creamy and comforting. It can take on just about any direction or flavour you feel like and it is as simple as anything to pull together. What's not to like??

Well, my kids have just never been fans. Not when they were little, not when they were medium sized and still, not now, when they are heading toward big. I try it ever now and again, but no, no love.

I had another attempt recently - the base was simple and tasty, chicken stock and Parmesan, and I had made this super yum crispy bacon, broccolini and bread crumb crunch-sprinkally-business to have on top.....and yep, still no love.

I think I am just about ready to embrace the fact that my little guys just aren't risotto kind of people! xE 

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