Friday, May 6, 2016

To My Boys: What I really want for Mothers Day

I was reading this article in bed the other night which brought me to thinking about what I want for Mothers Day (this Sunday in Australia). Here is my list, if only my boys would actually read it and make it all happen!

1. A cup of tea in bed. Not breakfast in bed, I'm happy with just a cuppa. I hate the thought of crumbs in my lovely sheets!

2. Any kind of card that has something more in it than just "Dear Mum, Love xxx". Some actual sentences would be great.

3. If you're getting me a present, it doesn't have to be expensive, just chosen with love.

4. PICK UP YOUR CRAP!!!! I am soo sick of seeing crap all over your desks & your  bedroom floors,

5. When I do a "Consuela" (ie super dooper clean and re-arrange) of your bedroom, please respect that and try and keep it that way for more than a DAY!

6. Put your clothes away. Properly. Straight after you are told to do so. The living room is not a laundromat. The couch doesn't need to be spread with your clothes for two weeks.

7. Respect (and love) each other. If your brother asks you nicely not to touch something of his, don't. You would expect those rules to apply if the roles were reversed. Your brother will be your longest friendship in life.

8. I do not want to hear "I'm bored". Ever. You have multitude of toys, games, outside activities. Explore. Ride your bike. Build that tower out of Lego.

9. Just say thank you. Also, "I'm sorry" goes a long way.

10. Hugs and kisses. Every. Single. Day. Even if I am cranky with you.

So that's it. My wish list for this year.

Oh - and one of those handbags that dispense wine....that would be cool.


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