Monday, May 9, 2016

Here's one I prepared earlier....

I learnt a while back, that one of the sure fire ways to get my boys to eat a "reasonable" amount of dinner with a reduced whinge factor, was to serve it all up in the middle and let sibliging rivalry kick in.

Dinner is served, communal style, on large platters and the boys then serve themselves their preferred amount/combination etc. the days of compedative eating are behind us, but the boys are still happiest when dinner is served up this way.

Last week, I used this method with Baked sweet potatoes, served with bolognese mince, cheese, veggie etc. The sweet potatoes took about 50 mins in the oven, but everything else was super fast to pull together - winning! 

We have a busy week on the cards this week, with H-for-Husband away at a conference for most of the week.

Dinners are going to look a little like this:

Monday - Crunchy Chicken wraps

Tuesday - Chinese dumplings with veggie & rice

Wednesday - Slow cooker Chicken Curry

Thursday - Lasagna

Friday - I'll-be-tired-and-eldest-son-has-a-basketball-game-so-I-am-guessing-we-might-just-hit-the-take-away-button

Have a good week Lovelies! xxE

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