Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dishes n stuff

We have a shared pool of household tasks that the boys do each, every day/week. We swap them over from time to time just to shake things up.

One of those jobs is emptying the dishwasher. Neither of the boys love this job, but whatevs. Its all a part of being a family, and as I say to them, if they dont want to empty it then dont make all the plates and glasses dirty!!

The problem, though, is that although the bulk goes in the dishwasher, some things clearly get washed by hand. Or taken out and stacked on the dish rack to dry. Yeah - cheating right? This rack does NOT tend to get cleared, and I just cant be bothered yelling about often although the kitchen is tidy, it doesnt look it because..well...MESS!!!

This quietly drives me mad, but I have decided to do an Elsa and just let it go (sorry for the Frozen reference!).

What drives you mad?

S x

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