Monday, May 2, 2016

Best. Bacon. Ever

We eat lots of bacon in our house, it its many forms. My darling husband loves nothing more than bacon and eggs on a weekend, we put it in quiche, in name may just have bacon in it!

I usually try and get my bacon from the butcher, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. I do find the packet bacon from the supermarket can get a little watery, especially if you freeze it. So there I was, rushing into the supermarket for some last minute bacon and I spotted one I hadn't seen before. I decided to just grab it as it seemed to cover all my criteria (bacon, thinly sliced).

WOW! It was so yummy. Just had a great smoky flavour, was thinly sliced so crisped up nicely (it got the "crispatus" as my boys call it!). I have now gone back about bought about half a dozen packets for freeze for our upcoming camping trip.

Do you like bacon? Do you have a favourite?


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