Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Muuuuuuum, I'm hungry!!

Oh hello familiar refrain of the school holidays grazing habits of the tween & teen crowd.

Snacking definitely steps up during school holiday down time and it pays to have some easy options to hand.

Asian Dumplings are one of our go-to-freezer-favourites. They are quick & filling, and they boys are all now confident cooking them up (Son#2 is a particular fan!)

A none stick pan works best. Pop of the stove top and turn to a medium heat. Once pan is hot, place upto 16 dumplings in the pan, flat side down. Add half a cup of water to pan and quickly place a well fitting lid over pan.

Let dumplings steam for aprox 5 mins, or until all water has evaporated.

Keeping an eye on them, allow dumplings to fry from another minute or so, or until the base is crunchy.

Eat & repeat!

Note: Dumpling are available at most Asian supermarkets and some larger main-stream supermarkets. We have found the veggie to be the best - but you can get pork, prawn, mushroom etc etc. prices range from $4 up to $12, and you typically get 30 to 40 a pack (sometimes more! See photo)

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