Monday, April 4, 2016

Luxe Love

At Christmas one of the gals at work gave me a little set of L'Occitane goodies. There was a bath gel, a mini soap, a hand cream plus few other bits and pieces. I tend to save these mini's for when we go away but I thought I'd live life on the edge and bust them out recently.

Oh WOW. Their Almond Shower Oil? AMAZEBALLS! It is a lovely oil that becomes all lathery when mixed with water on your skin. Its just delightful. The only shame is that my darling son thought it would be fun to play with in the shower...nooooo

I rarely buy lovely things like this for myself, but this time I thought "stuff it" and took myself off to the shops and bought a large one. Added bonus is that you can also buy refills...woot! AND, Im going to use it every day. Go me, right?

Do you treat yourself often? Go on, its worth it!


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