Monday, April 18, 2016

Holiday fun!

So we are smack bang in the middle of the school holidays at the moment. With one boy in high school and the other not  I dont have the option anymore of putting them both in vacation care for any time (seeing as there is none at high school!). This can sometimes cause a bit of a hassle with organising care and activities.

We are planning a big four week road trip in the middle of the year and will be using up all of my leave entitlements at work for that, so I need to be quite nifty in my arrangements. Thankfully last week the boys had the entire week with their dad so I didn't have to organise a thing. This week it's my turn, and I have a few things up my sleeve including a few days away on a friends farm.

On the weekend we took a day and headed out to Bilpin. The apple fruit bowl of NSW. It's not too long a drive so I thought it would be a lovely day trip for us all. It would have been too, if it weren't for the traffic that added an hour onto our trip!

Anyway, there are several orchards in Bilpin where you can swing by and pick your own apples. Some charge and entry fee and others don't. We happened across one that didn't and they had my favourite apple, the Pink Lady, just ripe and ready for picking. The cost per kilo is much better than you will find in any supermarket ($2.50 per kilo) and you know you are getting the freshest apples ever as you are the one picking them off the tree.

We had a ball choosing our apples. The Pink Lady's for general eating and some Granny Smith apples for eating and also for cooking. My darling husband wants to use his granny's recipe to make some apple jelly. Yum! We ended up with about 10kg of each type, not including the ones we ate while picking! It sounds like a crazy amount of apples but they will last for ages.

 We stopped at a local cafe called Bilpin Afire for the yummiest lunch before heading home. Hubby rated their hamburger as in his top 10!   We stopped at a friends on the way home for a cuppa, and it was a great day out all in all. Well worth the drive, Bilpin is such a lovely part of the world. Great to go in the beginning of autumn when there is a little chill in the air.   So that is one day down in a week, just a few more to fill up before they head off for a bit of country air at a friends.  

What do you do with the kids in the holidays?

 x S


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