Monday, April 11, 2016

Hitting the books

With the turning of the season, the tilt of the menu turns away from fresh & crunchy, and more towards warm and comforting. And with school holidays upon us, meal planning, while still in swing, will relax a little over the next couple of weeks (read: easy options, pasta, slow cooker, soup).

Life is moving pretty fast around these parts, and I am trying hard not to buy into the cult of "busy". Life just "is" - we are a family of five, we work and the kids all have interests and activities. It's about keeping to negative self-talk at bay, grabbing the good bits where you can, as well as finding the small bubbles of quiet in your day. 

As part of managing the "is"  I am looking for options to better manage the weekly household needs (read: Internet grocery shopping). So these school holidays, I am hitting the books - cook books that is - to get some inspo in autumnal eating and get ahead of the curve when Term 2 kicks off.

In the mean time, this is what this weeks plan looks like: 

Honey Soy Chicken wings with sweet potato and salad

Home made sausage rolls with cherry toms/boccinci/avo salad

Leek & Potato soup with cheesey chrunchy rolls

Spaghetti Carbonara

Lamb "surprise" in the slow cooker

Juggling work and three kids in school holidays this week - wish me luck! xE

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