Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why I need to menu plan

Recently I took some time off work over the school holidays to just hang with my peeps. We hung out with friends, went to the beach, and chilled at home. 

I let EVERYTHING fall by the wayside, especially menu planning! Consequently, I think our grocery bill must have doubled. I found myself at the shops every day to pick up the odd piece of something that I needed to be able to cook dinner or sort lunch. Of course, when shopping for three things, you end up buying about 15. Hence the overspend.

Not only does menu planning keep me moderately sane, its a huge help on the budget. Below is a picture from just a few days! Crazy right?

So....flying by the seat of your pants is long as you have backups in the freezer. For me anyway. I really dont know how people wing it day to day! Life is a juggle enough as it is with work, school, kids, homework, after school activities and the like.

What about you? Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kinda person or a list maker like I usually am?


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