Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Squffins - I think they could be a thing

So....recently, I found myself in a supermarket that I don't usually frequent.

You see, I'm just not a fan.

Not of this supermarket, not of the overall "brand", not of the layout or low ceilings of this particular location - it's just a whole bundle of not-what-i'm looking-for-in-a-supermarket.

What can I happens.

But, there I was, wondering why, oh, why, I had managed to find myself there....wandering it's incoherent shelf-layout, my shopping list in disarray, shoppers giving me disapproving looks as (apparently) I was going "against the flow" (I would argue this super market  has . no . flow ) when a little gem caught my eye, down on the bottom shelf, across the other side of the aisle, and for the bargain price of $10.....a non-stick, 12 hole, SQUARE muffin tin.

Yes - square.

It's a little bit wrong, but it's a whole lot of right!

I am now a "Squffin" before you start showing me pictures of square apples and tomatoes (which, for the record, are totally wrong) the square muffin tin is a thing of wonder....lunch box wonder. Things just fit so easily - I have done "Squffins", mini quiches and bacon & egg pies - options are endless!

(I even bought one for my step-sister, whose little boy started school this year - spreading the lunch box love people, spreading . the . love!) xxE

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