Monday, March 21, 2016

Dinner of champions

Sometimes life just gets busy. You know? With work, juggling after school activities, shopping, cleaning, not to mention trying to schedule in time to catch up with friends or just do fun things with the family.

The other week it got to dinner time and I realised that I really hadn't had anything planned. The cupboards were fairly bare so very slim pickings on the food front.

So I just let it go, my anal retentiveness that sometimes mean I try and  make too much of a fuss of ensuring there are lots of good things on the plate, and just gave the fellas a random selection of bits and bobs. Fried egg, leftover mash, peas, baked beans, spring rolls and baby tomato (that was their salad).

I have to say it was quite refreshing to just not care too much. I knew that it was better than feeding them KFC or McD's, it certainly wasn't the worst that they could have. They even laughed at me when I told them to "eat their salad" and threw a baby tomato onto their plate.

We get so bogged down sometimes that we forget to have a little fun, and just to relax a little. I need to remind myself more often that basically, my kids eat really really well, so falling off the wagon and having a random meal sometimes is A-OK.

Do it. Its worth it!


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