Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Awesome prints

I am surrounded by cleverly creative people. Most of my close friends do lovely creative things for work, and in life.

I am not creative. At. All. I love that I can look at these amazing women and really admire the things they do, and be really proud to be one of their clan (and pinch a few ideas too).

One particular friend is an illustrator. She has illustrated a ton of lovely children's books (see some of her work here). My absolute favourite is called Ballroom Bonanza and is all about animals, the alphabet, music and dance. My boys and I have read it again and again and they still love pretending to look for the hidden musical instruments (as they have memorised where they all are!)

Nina has now branched out to some beautifully done prints that she sells via a store on Etsy. They are whimsical bird prints, with some really clever plays on words with some of them.

This one below was perfect for my anniversary!

So check it out. You can find her here.


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