Monday, March 14, 2016

.........and this is why I need to Meal Plan

Last Monday, Sal shared what meal planning does for her family, so I thought that this Monday, I would expand on this and reflect on how it helps us out, over here in boyxthree land.

I am totally on the same page with Sal on the budget front - a good meal plan definitely helps to keep the budget in line. And a good meal plan also helps things run smoothly, the weekly shop is based around what is going to be cooked and consumed, cutting down on waste and letting everyone know what is coming up on the meal front (it really cuts down on the "whats for dinner?" banter, and complaining!). It can also stop the wheels coming off during those weeks when you get slammed by kids, work, family and life.

We are currently right in the middle of a grand-daddy slam-fest (it's been that crazy, I had to check that we hadn't suddenly been transported to mid November - total slam-o-rama!). I know, I know - everyone is super busy these days and life is crazy crazy, but my head really has been spinning over the last few weeks - Middle guy off onYear 7 camp, Little guy heading to Band camp, but not before an OzTag Grand final and a Zone swimming carnival. The Big guy kicking off a new part-time job, got selected for a third Basketball team (because, well, thats what we need, another set of synthetic sports gear to manage!) and is also feeling the pinch of the new school terms work load. The usual rounds of homework, tutor sessions and music lesson, swimming squad, family birthdays and paper rounds, oh and in amongst all of that, work, washing and family time. (and did I mention a work trip for me to Hong Kong & China? No, I didn't? well yeah....that too).

So meal planing for me means that the wheels stay on, I can work to a plan and I have half a chance of getting at least some of the "Me" things (like this little blog with Sal) squeezed in there as well.

The Meal plan for this week is dictated by ease and the fact that I won't be here - I have wrangled some help for the afternoons in the week that I am away and dinners will look a little like this:

Monday: Lemon and caper Chicken with mash

Tuesday: Spag Bol

Wednesday: Pulled pork soft wraps

Thursday: Home made gnocchi

Friday: Dinner on the fly, before Basketball game

Tuesday & Wednesday are pre-done and in the freezer, Monday and Thursday will be whipped up on the day

Wish us luck! xxE

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