Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016 - Alphabet style!

Right then.
Everyone back at work? All small peeps back to school? Sport started back up again? Found your first piece of abandoned fruit at the bottom of the school bag yet?

Yes, that's right, 2016 is up and running - big time (hey, January has already disappeared in a blur, we are kicking of February people!).

The work/school/life balance has shifted a little around these parts - we are now the proud owners of 2 High-Schoolers (who, at the moment, seem to be taller every morning they get out of bed), and one (slightly cranky, but still oh so lovable) primary school guy. It's a little bit of a "two speed" vibe - embracing burgeoning independence, with still providing support and guidance - stepping through Year Four projects, while balance the time management needed for a Year 7 Newby, all the while offering the quiet hand of "you can do it, off you go" that is Year Nine & the world of elective subjects.

Time management (as ever!) is crucial for keeping the wheels turning and everyone getting where they need to be, wearing what they need to be wearing, and eating what they need to be eating.

This is what Week 1 of Meal Planning 2016 looks like:

Breakfast - Omelettes
Dinner - Chicken Stir Fry with Cucumber and Cashew Nuts

Breakfast - Fruit Toast with Banana & Ricotta
Dinner - Stuffed Pasta Shells

Breakfast - Boiled Eggs with Soldiers
Dinner - Caesar Salad

Breakfast - Pizza English Muffin Toasties
Dinner - Spinach Pie

Breakfast - Baked Eggs
Dinner - Tacos

Wish us luck - as we are wishing you,
Lets go 2016, I have a good feeling about you!

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