Friday, February 19, 2016

Recipe Road Test - Donna Hay's Coconut, Chia and Apricot Bliss Balls

So, welcome to Friday morning - well done, you are t.h.i.s. c.l.o.s.e to another week being done & dusted. Ya-bloody-hoo I say (please pardon the fruity friday language).

I thought I would give you a bit of a giggle this morning and share a recipe-road-test.

Donna Hay has been putting out a new quarterly mag called "Light & Fresh", and the latest edition is a cracker!

On an aside, I must say, it has a heap (heap!!) of tasty veggo meals - super handy with H-for-Husband being a card carrying vegetarian (I know, I know...."but he's so tall", "but he's a bloke", all of those comments have been made over the years) it has a ton of awesome looking ideas on the veg front - big tick!

But what caught my eye in a that-looks-quick-and-easy-and-the-kids-might-actually-like-it kind of way, were the Coconut, Chia and Apricot Bliss Balls.

Well - I have to confess, as SonNumberTwo can sniff out a Chai seed at thousand paces (awesome talent, right?)  I judiciously didn't mention that particular ingredient, so Chia aside, I thought, these could be a real winner.

The recipe calls for 1.5 cups of Blanched Almonds, vanilla extract, 1 tbs of coconut oil, 0.25 cup of LSA, 2 tbs of White Chia, 1 cup desiccated Coconut (half for mixing/half for rolling) and 1.5 cups of whole dried apricots.

A quick look in the cupboard said I only needed to purchase the Almonds - happy days.

Now, when I popped into the supermarket, while wandering the aisles, I found Almond Meal on sale - all good right? all the ingredients get whacked into a food processor and whizzed up together, so, awesome, Almond Meal = super good.

Well, as it turns out - no, not really.

I placed all the ingredients in said food processor (well, "all" the ingredients means that once home, I actually discovered I only had HALF the required amount of Apricots - so I whacked in some dates on the fly) and hit the button..........and ended up with a food processors worth of ingredients impersonating bread crumbs - there was no "until the mixture comes together" going of here.

I tried adding a bit more coconut oil.....but nope, still no dice.


So I tried a spoon full of peanut butter (currently have about 5kgs of it in the pantry - what can I say - it was on sale) and you know what.....the mix started to look less like small bread crumbs, and more like bigger clumps of bread crumbs - result! So I kept chucking in more peanut butter until the mixture finally "came together" - yay!

I rolled mixture into balls and coated with coconut and presto Coconut, Chia, Apricot, Date and Peanut butter balls!

And have to say - went down OK!

SonNumberOne called them "strangely moreish"

SonNumberThree said "yeah - I ate them"

and SonNumberTwo stalked in the door and said "they had Chai seeds in them, didn't they?"


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