Monday, February 15, 2016

Meal planning Monday - the Flat Stick version

Up and at it peeps - we are in for a busy one this week - it's go go go.

The wheels fell off the meal plan train last week - not sure what happened, but come Thursday morning, the school lunch cupboard was bare and there was nerry a celery stick for afternoon tea - sometimes, the food just goes!

This week, things are shaping up a little like this:

Breakfast - Apricots with Yogurt, and Hot Cross Buns
Dinner - Baked Potatos

Breakfast - Avo on Toast
Dinner - Crustini Platter

Breakfast - Smoothie
Dinner - Steak Sandwiches

Breakfast - Egg and Ham warps
Dinner - Tomato amd Rice Soup

Breakfast - Toast
Dinner - Japanese Curry

The inspiration for the Crustini platter on Tuesday night came from a quick flick through my Pinterest Board Food Love - and as for a summer dinner option, I have my fingers crossed it will be a winner! xE

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