Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meal Planning - the flexi version

One of the reasons we are fans of meal planning around these parts, is that a good plan makes a busy week run pretty smoothly, the wheels stay on the tracks, everyone knows what is happening and to put it happens.

Another reason we are fans of meal planning, is that on those weeks where the wheels aren't gripping quite as well as they know the ones - where a sneaky after school sports sessions pops up and says "Boo" (*cough* such as cricket training did for me last week)...a meal plan means that you have a little room to move - if one meal needs to slide from Tuesday to Thursday, because actually, you aren't going to have the time you thought, to make that Spinach Pie you had planned, hey you know what, you have all the ingredients for the Caesar Salad, so lets just do that tonight.

A plan is just that - a plan, with a bit of flex and give in it - a plan that helps you, not hinders or makes things feel harder.

Our week this week was just one of these - one with a bit of flex and give, a bit of shimmy and shake - but hey, we got to the other end - heres to the weekend Lovelies - enjoy! xE

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