Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Breakfast of champions!

Breakfast can be a rush in our part of the world (well, our house at least). Its such a rush to get ready, kids wrangled, lunch made and out of the house by 7.30am some mornings. 

To top it off the teenager (Son#1) isn't much of a breakfast person. It usually takes him having been awake for some time before he wants to eat. I don't like him walking out the door though without having something in his belly as its then ages before recess.

Hey presto breakfast smoothie. He is happy to guzzle a glass of this goodness, so I am happy! All the ingredients just blitzed up in the blender.

Adding one weet-bix makes me feel as if there is some proper tummy-filling energy-giving goodness in there. I sometimes substitute half of the regular milk for almond milk just to mix it up a bit. Also a mix of berries or whatever we have in the freezer. natural yoghurt is a must as is a spoonful of lovely Aussie honey!

Go for it!


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