Monday, December 14, 2015

A short break in trasmission

Oh hey there, hi, hello.

So you know when you have a kid (or two, or three...) and a job (a few days a week, all the days of the week, some days of the week) and a partner (or not, and geez...if you have to other two and not the third, serious hats off, s.e.r.i.o.u.s) and you find yourself juggling school issues - work issues - family issues - life issues, and you get to the point where something has to give....just something....and just for a little while?

Well, that's where us Alphabet Soupers have been at for the last couple of months.

Up- to-our-eyeballs-in-life.

But never fear, we have still been cooking, and school lunching, and meal planning, and cocktail making, and after we have had some sun on our skin, and sand between our toes, we will be back on board, because well, we do love this little space.....and we miss it!

See you on the other side of January - we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and Santa is good to each and everyone one of you.

We'll be popping up on Instagram and Facebook over the break, so in between summer BBQ's and dips in the pool, come say Hi!

xxE & S

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