Monday, August 10, 2015

Meal planning Monday - the Bon Voyage Baby edition

Hello Monday, hello meal plan!

I am away with work this week so my four men (1 x big, 3 x not so big) will have the house to themselves.

Taking one parent out of the equation always ups the anti on the organisational front (total hats off to single parents, such a full-on job week-in, week-out), so our plan for the week ahead looks a little like this:

Quiche with side salad
This is an easy meal to kick off the week - the filling can be cooked off ahead of time and as the smallest has swimming lessons on a Monday, H can prepare and pop in the oven as he heads out the door to swimming, and then ding-ding, when the timer goes off, SonNumberOne can take out of the oven.

Chicken Caesar Salad
Another speedy option and one that is always well received

Lemoney Pork Stew
Again, can be kicked off mid afternoon and popped in the oven. Once cooked, can be placed to one side and re-heated come dinner time. This is super tasty dish and one of my winter go-to recipes - I will post it soon.

Spaghetti Bolognese
We have taken to doing this is the slow cooker - more to come on this later in the week, keep your eyes out for the post!

Sushi Bento box
One of H's specialities, that the boys devour! Home made sushi rolls, japanese salad and a small pork & veggie braise - yum!

Have a great week peeps! xE

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