Friday, August 7, 2015

Kids are conners!

My big boy, who is about to become a teenager, has finally lost his very last baby tooth. The last molar to come loose in his mouth. Thank goodness it came out on its own as we had to have 3 pulled out by the dentist recently as they refused to let go of that last bit of gum! Now the whole keeping his teeth clean has become serious.

As a boy who is becoming more confident and self assured and independent, he likes knowing that there is a bit of cash flow about so he can buy treats at school, or when he hangs with his mates. So our discussion around the tooth went a bit like this:

J: “mummy I think that since this is my very last tooth, I deserve a bit more money from the tooth fairy”
Me: “really? Why is that?”
J: “well she wont need to come here again, and its my last, so….”
Me: “well that’s not up to me buddy..its up to the tooth fairy”
J: “ok then, I will write her a note”.

Now I don’t know what dollar amount he was thinking, but the usual amount from the TF is a $1 or $2 coin.

So, fairly tongue in cheek, he wrote a note on a torn piece of paper - clearly not taking much stock that the Tooth Fairy may like a lovely note on lovely note paper!  

Despite the torn piece of paper, you will be pleased to know that the Tooth Fairy did indeed up the goods and left him a $5 note plus a few gold coins. Lucky kid…


(this picture from here with thanks)

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