Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Green Rice

I suspect, like most households with junior members between the ages of 8 and 14, we are not alone in the fact that the consumption of green veg can be a hit & miss affair. But I am pleased to report, I recently struck upon a successful combo (well....successful for this week anyway!)

We had Flat Roast chook with veg on the menu that night and to be honest, come 5:52pm, I was still scratching my head as to how best treat the veg. I wanted to ensure that it would not just have a short journey from fridge, to pan, to table and then back into fridge again, to dutifully wait for me to include it in my work lunch the following day, but to actually be consumed, as part of the evening meal, while it was still hot.

The green veg options that night included Brocollini, snap peas, shallots, celery and flat leaf parsley. I realised that we had some left-over rice from the previous nights dinner, so presto! Green Fried rice was on it's way.

A quick saute of the sliced veg in a little oil, then in with the rice. A quick kiss of chicken stock to add a little flavour and boom - that green veg was gone before I could say "eat your veggies".


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