Wednesday, July 1, 2015

He's a What?

One of the culinary over lays in our house hold, apart from the regular, and interchangeable, listing of dislikes (which, depending on the day, and the child, can range from peas, cheese, pasta and lettuce, to "big" tomato, mashed potato, soup or sausage) is that my better-half is vegetarian.

This works fine, most of the time. The boys will have an all veg meal a couple of times a week,
(generally without noticing) and I swing between veg meals with H, or meat meals with the boys the rest of the time. H doesn't not eat meat out of an ideological stance (apologies Morrissey) but rather, over the years, he has noticed that he generally "feels better" when staying away from meal. This does make life a bit easier than it might otherwise be, as we don't have to have two sets of pans (wowzers!) and we can cook family favourites like Paella and he just avoids the chorizo.

I smiled though when I came across this post recently on Dinner, A Love story (one of my favs) - an awesome run down on going vego with kids! xE

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