Monday, July 13, 2015

Back into it Peeps!

OK peeps, after a couple of weeks of having a bunch of mooching kids under feet, the scholars are back to school over the next few days and the start bell of Term 3 will be rung.

Are you ready? What does your week hold?
Round these parts, it is back into full swing on all fronts, so after a mellow couple of "the-plan-is-there-is-no-plan" weeks, you guessed it....we are back on the meal planning bus!

Here's what we are looking at:

Chicken Satay with Rice
Spinach & Feta Pie
Bec's Drumsticks
Stuffed Pasta Shells
DIY Omelette's

I (finally!) bought myself a slow cooker over the holidays and so far have tried out Lamb Shanks (result: not bad for a first effort, but looking forward to improvement) and porridge (again, not bad for a first try!). This week, I think I will have a whirl at Bec's Drumsticks.

My gorgeous sister-in-law had our family over for dinner recently, and she baked the most delicious Chicken drumsticks, from a recipe in Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros.

It is a total winner of a recipe and a big hit with my boys, so I will post pics & recipe soon.

Have a good week peeps, back into it!

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