Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time? Where does it go?

Time...its a funny thing. We never seem to have enough of it. I was pondering last night about why I never seem to have the time to do things like sit down and write a long email to an overseas friend, or have a long chat to an interstate friend.

This is what a normal week day looks like to me:

6.00am     Get up. Shower, wash hair etc. Make school lunches. Get B up and out of bed. Get dressed. Do make up. Blow dry hair (at least 15 mins!!) Iron random school shirts if needed. Get kids fed. Ensure JR is out of bed and in shower. Leave the house. Drop one child at school. Work all day. Leave work. Collect kids. Sometimes from random locations after band etc. Arrive home. Start making dinner. Shout at kids to do homework and music practice. Holler for lunchboxes to be emptied. Put on washing/fold washing/put washing away. Family dinner time. Sports training.  Say a thousand times "eat properly" or "please sit on your chair properly" or "get yourself a drink of water, Im not your slave". More homework shouting. Encourage showering for B. Help with homework. Listen to reading.  More washing/folding/tidying.  Get one child into bed.  Encourage music practice/homework/NO SCREENS.  Tidy kitchen. Think about dinner for the next night.Get second child into bed. Crash on couch.

No wonder Im exhausted!!!!

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