Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An after school treat on a winters afternoon? Easy done!

With winter finally showing up around these parts, it can pay to have some warm afternoon tea options up your sleeve, and these little gems hit the spot!

Puff pastry pin wheels have always been a firm favourite of my boys.

The basic recipe is Puff pasty, Vegemite (or promite) and grated cheese.

First step is to pre-heat the oven to about 210-220c.

Take a sheet of Puff out of the freezer and give it 5 minutes or so to thaw out a touch. Spread with a goodly amount of Vegemite and sprinkle with a handful or two of cheese.

Roll the pasty to form a "log", being careful not to roll too "tight" - you need to give the pastry some room to puff out.

Cut into wheels - a sharp knife is best for this job, as the pasty can get a little "grabby" as it softens up. You should get between 12 & 14 wheels per sheet of pastry.

Space out on a baking tray and then into the oven until until puffed and golden - usually about 7 to 10 mins depending on your oven.

Alternative spreads that work well include pesto, sweet chilly and even jam!

They are also handy for lunch boxes......if you have any left over! xE

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