Friday, May 1, 2015

Stoopid food

In times of lack of inspiration, not to mention just when I have spare moment to myself I will sometimes head over to Pinterest. I lave it. So many things to look at. Funny pictures, inspirational quotes, styled outfit ideas....etc etc etc.

Today I looked up food. Ridiculous food. I had to share some of these.....truly awful looking things, some I had to wonder if they were just made especially to make people gag. Some were really cute looking..but really? Who is going to make that? In real life? Some I would truly love to try for myself but just can't find the energy.

Here are a few that I found...

The Macaroni & cheese bread cone (thanks Buzzfeed)

Mousey Bento box anyone? Courtesy Flickr

Penguin Bananas - I wish my boys would get back on the Banana train
thanks Reading Confetti

Fruit and vegetable animals - oh yeah!
Here it is -

Interesting hot dogs - kinda cute

Another goodie from Buzzfeed...some interesting tinned food there!

Mince baby anyone?

Thank you Em for NOT making one of these for my baby shower oh so many years ago!

Honestly, the things you find on the interwebs!!!


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