Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pantry Hero's Week - Edition Two

Pantry Hero Week / Edition Two - The Packet

These humble little guys can get a bit of bad name ever now & again - packets can be associated with all sorts of added nasties and scary lists of numbers in the ingredients run down. But when well chosen, a packet can be a provide the back-bone of a meal, as well as being a time saver in a flat-stick schedule.

Our favourite Hero packets are:

Rice: goes with our saying really. Super super useful

Pasta: see above comment

Muffin Mix: These little gems fall into to the "life saver" category. While usually I will try to make Banana Bread or a slice over the weekend for the approaching school week, having one of these little beauties in the back of the cupboard is a cracking back-up-plan.

Corn Chips: For a quick afternoon tea of Salsa and Corn Chips, or to form part of a meal (hello Nachos!) can't go past have a pack or two stashed.

San Choy Bao Recipe Mix: Great as an easy, mid-week super quick dinner - just grab some pork mince and lettuce leave, dice up whatever veg is in the fridge and boom, dinner sorted!

Jelly: well, because, everyone needs a treat every now and again, right?

and exciting news, the next edition of Pantry Heros is going International, featuring all our favourite picks from your local Asian supermarket! xE

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