Monday, May 18, 2015

Pantry Hero's Week - Edition One

Welcome to Pantry Hero Week!

This is the week when we sing the praises of those hard working staples - those little life savers who hang about in the pantry, just waiting to jump up and say "pick me, you can make dinner out of me!"

Edition One sees us meeting The Cans.

Love a good Can - who doesn't!
Basic Can must-haves are as follows:

Tomatoes: Diced, Whole and Cherry - these little beauties are the basis of Pasta sauce, soup, salsa, stews and braises.

Beans:  Baked Beans, Kidney beans, Black beans and White  - Beans can be a meal in these selves (hello there Baked Beans!) or add interest to an Mexican dish, salad or pattie

Chick Peas:  Hummus and salad

Lentils:  Salads and soups

Fruit:  a snappy dessert option - done. Only got yogurt in the fridge? Add some tinned fruit and bam, there's breakfast. Fruit Crumble - easy!

Having a basic stock of can staples is a total sanity saver and an inexpensive way to provide some fast, simple love love a good Can!

Next Pantry Hero - Packets! xE

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