Thursday, May 28, 2015

Onion proof?

I was making French onion soup the other day (recipe to come) and of course, as I had to chop several onions, had the usual dilemma of how many tears I was going to shed and how much makeup was going to end up in black streams down my face.

I have heard of various methods to stopping the onion vapours getting into your eyes and making me look like Alice Cooper. So I thought Id give a few a try.

Firstly - the goggle method. I searched around outside and found several pairs of the boys goggles in various places around the pool and back yard, so I chucked on a pair. They were very tight and I couldn't be bothered loosening them as its just too hard. Apart from looking ridiculous, they probably would have worked if they weren't so dark!

Secondly - the sunglasses method. You do end up looking mighty stylish whist chopping the onions but other than that they aren't really very effective as vapour stoppers.
 Thirdly - chewing on something. Such as gum or a piece of bread. Now I have NO idea what this could possibly do to stop the mass of tears as you chop a shed load of onions, and it didn't. Work that is. 
 The last option I tried was to burn a smelly candle. It kinda worked - but not really. I just ended up with a lovely smelling kitchen.

I have also tried sitting the onion in water for a bit and also cutting it under the extractor fan of the stove - but that only works when you are not using the stove! These two methods do seem to be more effective than some of those above.

So, the long and the short of it, goggles, ventilation and water are the tried and tested methods to save your eyes.

Do you have any tips?


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