Monday, May 11, 2015


I was thinking about cooking the other day (just for a change) and was pondering about my first memories of cooking. I do remember mum taking out her moussaka out of the oven, and also the steamed veg in the metal colander thingy that opened up like a flower. I couldn't remember specifically the first time I cooked something. 

So I did what many people do and I asked my mum. Here is a guest post from her:

"Sal has always had an interest in cooking and good food.  As a toddler she preferred the deli to the sweet shop and her weekly treat was a rollmop. 

Her first attempt at cooking was as a toddler; she ‘baked’ a cake on the floor of the pantry - flour, sugar and milk from her cup - and was most annoyed that I destroyed her masterpiece.  She has always been a hands-on cook; she loved to help me cook and getting her fingers sticky with the bread dough or the passionfruit butter or the cake batter.

I think Sal was around 7 when she started baking,  - I remember teaching her my favourite sultana cake recipe and her first attempt was great, better than mine.  From that day onwards, Sal was in charge of the baking in our house.

As her confidence increased, Sal started cooking more and as a single parent working full-time and at one stage also studying full-time, it was great to have another cook in the house, especially one with a great sense of taste and a creative flair. 

The children had regular chores and I sometimes think that Sal cooked because she didn’t want to wash the dishes.  Whatever the reason we thoroughly enjoyed the results.

I have so many wonderful memories - sitting around the dinner table for just a simple family meal, dinner parties, long lunches under the jacaranda tree that stretched into evening and family celebrations all made more memorable because of the fabulous food cooked by my talented daughter.

Thanks mum x

Remember this? The old metal steamer...

And the rollmops?

Ta lovely mum

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