Monday, May 4, 2015

A week about Things-on-Toast - Part One

Welcome to a week in celebration of Things-on-Toast.

I l.o.v.e. a good piece of toast, and am particularly fond of a piece of fancied up toast.

Fancied up toast has featured heavily on my breakfast menu over the last few weeks - busy adults and busy kids has meant mornings have had to be stream-lined. Stream-lined has meant getting the boys sorted and out the door, then quickly pulling together something to have with a quick coffee, and then it's out the door!

(A small disclaimer: the following ingredients may well feature, um, *cough* alot this week...Marinaded Feta, Avocado, Tomato. Please busy yourself else where if you are not a fan).

Things-on-Toast - Part One

Seeded-bread toast with marinaded feta and topped with tomato, onion, bacon & chilli and fresh parsley


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