Friday, April 3, 2015

Quick scrambled eggs

Just like Em, I am realising that I need to start giving the boys a little more some mornings for breakfast other than a piece of toast. As I need to be out the door most mornings by 7.30am I just don't have the time to cook elaborate breakfasts (not unless I want to get up half an hour earlier..and THAT is not going to happen!).

My big boy is on a bit of a scrambled egg kick, so just a dollop of it on the side of a piece of toast works well for him. He isn't a breakfast first thing kinda kid but I really want to ensure he leaves the house with something nutritious in his belly so he isn't tempted to grab a hash brown from the canteen at school.

So, this morning I cooked individual serve scrambled eggs. All you need is an egg, some milk and a ramekin. Whisk the egg and milk in the ramekin, microwave for a minute then stir. Microwave for another 45 seconds...then dump onto a piece of toast.

No pots and pans to wash, no scrambled egg stuck to the spatula that is going to sit in the sink all day.

You're welcome!


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