Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sauso rolls abundance!

Making sausage rolls is a cinch. They are a super great lunch box item, and you know exactly what has gone in them!

I usually make mine a little larger then freeze them raw and cook from frozen the night before for the next day. This time I thought I'd shake it up a little. Use a different mince and pre-cut and bake before freezing. 

I know. Crazy stuff right?

I have to say they got the tick of approval from Tony who is a sausage roll aficionado. Or so he likes to thing.

All I used was:

500g sausage mince (ask your butcher)
500g beef & veal mince
1 carrot finely grated
1 onion very finely chopped then cooked until golden.
Worcestershire sauce
handful finely chopped parsley
Salt & pepper
Puff pastry

Mix everything together well in a bowl. Lay out your pastry and cut in half down the middle. Spread sausages of the mixture onto each half of pastry. Roll and seal at the base. Brush with lightly beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds if you are feeling fancy.

Cook in oven at 190degrees for about 25mins or until golden.

Once cooled I have frozen about 4-6 in individual snap bags for lunches.

Makes a stack! Oh - and got the thumbs up from TJ!

Do you have a good sausage roll recipe?


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