Monday, March 2, 2015

Lovely cards

Its my wedding anniversary soon. One year! Cant believe how fast its gone.

It is so easy to get bogged down with the day to day happenings of life. Shopping. menu plans, cooking, washing, ironing, running around for kids etc etc etc. I dont think we stop often enough just to breathe and take it all in - how lucky we truly are.

Tony and I don't celebrate Valentines day as such. I really think that as a couple who have been together for a bit, also one with the costs of kids and the like, that I just don't see the point in spending inflated amounts of money for things like flowers. Not when soccer fees, band fees and school fees are due! 

Romance is not dead altogether in our house though as my little Boo did take a chocolate to school for his teach and two of his 'girlfriends'.

I think that a card will do just nicely in many situations. There are so many amazing cards out there now. Some digital and some old fashioned ones that you write in!

So I was noodling about on Etsy, and my were there some funny anti-valentines ones, but I thought Id keep it nice. And local if I could.

I stumbled across Post Love Designs, who are based in Melbourne. I bought a few cards, so I had some up my sleeve for our anniversary as well as Valentines and they arrived super pronto with a hand written thank you note. Its all about the little things! 

So here are a couple that I bought plus the one that I gave him on Valentines (the picture of that one is direct from the source).

So go on - spread a little joy and love with a simple card. 

Do you like cards? Do you know where to get some good ones?


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