Monday, March 9, 2015

Breakfast Love - Day 1

We are big (big!) fans of breakfast in this household.

Quite some time ago, I realised that my kids got off to a better start (and we all had a much smoother morning = got out the door on time) if they had a more "substantial" start to the day. I just noticed that the mornings when cereal was on the menu where more frenetic than those were we had eggs or porridge (for example).

This lead us to a pretty serious early morning breakfast habit.

So I thought this week on Alphabet Soup, we would celebrate breakfast!

Breakfast Love - Day 1

Wholemeal toast, with wilted spinach, a poached egg and flaked smoked trout, with a quick crack of black pepper.

A great little kick-starter, with a heap of flavour, this is a favourite with the littlest (who would happily eat his body weight in smoked trout!).

Happy Monday peeps - see you tomorrow for Day 2 of Breakfast Love xE

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