Thursday, February 12, 2015

this makes life better

Oh for the love of crumb!

In yesterdays post, I mentioned that we had sprinkled our Tomato & Mozzarella salad with a Chilli & Lemon crumb.

I love the crunch & flavour that a good crumb can bring to a dish, and believe me, if given my druthers, I would add a tasty crumb to just about every savoury dish going (particularly good on pastas and salads!).

The basic rules to a good crumb are quality crumbs (either fresh, panko or multigrain), lemon zest, herbs (Italian Parsley, chives, thyme etc) and olive oil. Onion, garlic and chilli are also good friends of the crumb.

If using onion & garlic, soften these in a pan with some olive oil. Add crumbs and working quickly, move the crumbs around so they crisp up and start to look golden. Add lemon zest, herbs and chilli and give everything one last quick toss in the hot pan.

Finish of with seasoning and some Parmesan.

Golden, tasty, crunchy goodness! xE

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